Road Construction Projects

overall view of projects map cropped.jpg
Red - Village boundaries
Purple - Racine Street Area project
Blue - River East project
Dark Red - East Main Street North - private parking area
Orange - WisDot STH 20/83 project
Yellow - East Main Street
Water and sanitary sewer work will be included in all construction areas as needed. Some areas of Orange and Yellow include water and sewer improvements.
  • The Village has several capital improvement project scheduled over the next five years.  

    2016 - 

    Racine Street Area Project


This project has been completed, addressing deteriorating pavement, drainage improvements, utility infrastructure and pedestrian and driver safety.

2017 - River East Project

           River East Project
This project has been completed, addressing deteriorating pavement, storm sewer and drainage improvements, sewer and water main repair and replacements, improved parking and additional parking, and streambank stabilization.

2018 - Sanitary Sewer and Water Utilities Infrastructure Improvements

  • Hwy 20/83 from Buena Park Road to Beck Road at Village boundary (near Hwy 36) and on Main Street from 1st Street to Milwaukee Street.
  • Addresses the Village's oldest infrastructure

2019 - WI DOT State Highway 20/83/Main Street

           WI DOT 20/83 Project 
  • Construction from State Hwy 36 west to Buena Park Road, including replacement of Main Street Bridge
  • Village project of East Main Street from 1st Street to Milwaukee Street reconstruction  

2019-20 - WI DOT State Highway 36 

  • Lane resurfacing of six miles of pavement from County Y to Hwy 20
  • Bridge deck replacements for two bridges between Waterford and Burlington
  • Left turn lane improvements at two intersections - Hwy36/Main Street and Hwy 36/Hwy 164

2020 & Beyond - Ten Club Park Redevelopment

  • At conclusion of WisDOT project, the Village will gain ownership of former Riverhouse Bar property and will work with the community to develop a plan to enhance the existing Ten Club Park area.
  • Ten Club Park Communication Plan