Yard Waste and Brush Collection

Yard Waste

Our drop off site is located at the following address:
801 Ela Ave.
Waterford, Wisconsin  53185

Our drop off site is in the Industrial Park off South Jefferson Street. This location is for yard waste only. It is open from April through November; alternating Wednesdays and Saturdays, from 8 a.m. to noon. These dates are indicated with a leaf symbol, on the collection schedule.
Permit is required to use the drop site at an annual fee of $20. Please bring proof of residency to pick up your permit at the Village Hall, open M-F, 8:00 am - 5:00 pm at:
123 N. River St.
Waterford, WI 53185
 Fee for replacement permits is $20.
Bags containing yard waste will not be returned.

Brush Collection

Limbs from residential yard work are collected and chipped every other Monday the same week that recyclables are picked up, weather permitting.

Limbs may be no larger than 4 inch in diameter and must be neatly stacked in piles, with the cut ends facing the curb. At no time can the brush piles obstruct the sidewalk.

The time limit per stop cannot exceed 15 minutes.

No leaves, grass clippings or yard waste will be chipped. These may be brought to the drop-off site.

2016 Yard Waste Collection Schedule

May June July August September October November
Sat., 2
Wed., 4
Wed., 1
Sat., 9
Sat., 6
Sat., 3
Sat., 1
Wed., 2
Wed., 6
Sat., 14
Sat., 11
Wed., 13
Wed., 10
Wed., 7
Wed., 5
Sat., 5
Sat., 16
Wed., 18
Wed., 15
Sat., 23
Sat., 20
Sat., 17
Sat., 8
Sat., 12
Wed., 20
Sat., 28
Sat., 25
Wed., 27
Wed., 24
Wed., 21
Sat., 15
Wed., 16
Sat., 23
  Wed., 29      
Wed., 19
Sat., 19
Sat., 22
Sat., 26
Sat. 29
Wed., 30