Planning & Zoning

Zoning Ordinances
Zoning Ordinance 658 Amended 8-23-18
Zoning Fees (see Ch 245)
Zoning Map

Planned Community Development
Any commercial, industrial and/or manufacturing development must receive reviews and approvals of the Village Administrator, Engineer, Attorney, Department Heads, Plan Commission and Village Board. This is the process for rezoning to a Planned
Community Development district (PCD) : 
Guide to PCD District Process
Step 1: Pre-Application Form
Step 2: General Development Plan (GDP) Form
Step 3: Precise Implementation Plan (PIP Form
Step 3: Westerra PIP
PUD Project Contact List Form
Board of Appeals
Municipal Code - Art. VII Administration Code 245-54
Board of Appeals Application Form
Board of Appeals Hearing Check List
Heritage District
Heritage District Overlay Map