Village of Waterford Boards & Committees

  1. Apply to serve on a committee

    Share your interest in serving on a Village committee or commission by completing the Talent Bank Questionnaire with your experience and skills.

  2. Village Board of Trustees

    The governing body responsible for decisions regarding Village operations, ordinances, policy, and procedures.

  3. Board of Review

    Reviews property assessments.

  4. Board of Appeals

    The Board of Appeals will review appeals to issues related to zoning and building inspection.

  5. Board of Health

    The Board of Health oversees public health services for village residents.

  6. Community Development Authority

    Analyzes community needs for redevelopment and urban renewal, making recommendations to Village Board.

  7. Finance Committee

    Reviews all finances - taxes, revenue, expense, investments, financing, and budget, providing recommendations to Village Board.

  8. Fire Commission

    Concerned with hiring of qualified fire and rescue personnel.

  9. Heritage District Design Committee

    The Heritage District Design Committee developed design guidelines for businesses within the Heritage Overlay District. The committee reviews business and residential reviews and approves facade improvements. Curb Appeal Grants for façade improvements for business renovations is also reviewed.

  10. Library Board

    The Library Board is responsible for decisions regarding library operations, programming, finances, and planning.

  11. Personnel Committee

    The Personnel Committee reviews all issues related to village personnel, including policy, procedures, benefits, wages and salary, hiring, discipline, and termination.

  12. Plan Commission

    The Village of Waterford Plan Commission reviews development projects and plans, considers conditional use permits, annexation, land use and zoning and provides recommendations to the Village Board.

  13. Public Works & Utilities Committee

    The Public Works & Utilities Committee is concerned with all issues surrounding infrastructure, water and sewer utilities, public right-of-ways, streets, and public parks and facilities.

  14. Ad Hoc Wayfinding Signage Committee

    The Wayfinding Signage Committee, working with community organizations, the Chamber of Commerce, Absolutely Waterford and business to develop a signage plan for citizens and visitors to find their way around the Village of Waterford.

Committee Members

Board of Trustees
Tom Roanhouse - President
Tom Christensen       Andrew Ewert
Jerry Filut                 Don Houston
Tamara Pollnow        Jim Schneider

Brian Lauer - Chair
Gil Amborn               Andrew Ewert
Brent Hess               Jim Schneider

Jerry Filut - Chair
Karen Allen               Rebecca Bell
Tamara Pollnow        John Vaccaro

Public Works & Utilities
Karen Koeller - Chair
Mike Baker               Don Houston
Robert Nash             Vesta Goldammer

Plan Commission
Tom Roanhouse - Chair
Howard Bryant        Tom Christensen
Craig Kosut             Bil Luth
Kathy Nargis           Gonzalo Perez

Heritage District Design
Don Houston - Chair
Robert Gariephy   Diane Lemanczyk
Bil Luth                Kari Mullikin
Cheryl Rogers       Maureen Vander Sanden

Library Board
Donald Bray - Chair
Michelle Allender        Jody Beer
Kelly Datka                Diane Norante
Tamara Pollnow          Alan Romanak

Community Development Authority
Gil Amborn            Tim Denman
Andrew Ewert        
Jerry Filut    
Craig Kosut            Bil Luth
Tom Roanhouse

Board of Appeals
Glenn Collins            Roy Gawlitta
Tamara Pollnow        Tom Roanhouse
Jim Schneider
Alternates: Tom Christensen, Bil Luth

Board of Review
Tom Roanhouse        Don Houston
Jerry Jones               Jim Schneider
Alternates: Bil Luth

Central Racine County Health Board
Tamara Pollnow
Racine County Drainage District
Fred Koeller
Western Racine Cty Sewerage District
Tom Christensen
Waterford Waterways Management Dst
Don Houston