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  1. Village is looking for your ideas for downtown vibrancy

    The Village has acquired two vacant lots in the downtown area - the former Martini Mo'z and the bowling alley lot, which has been vacant for many years. The Village is interested in seeing the lots developed but in the meantime they are an eyesore for Read on...
  2. Village will Host 2nd Large Item Drop Off on September 29

    The Village will host a 2nd large item drop off on September 29, 2018 from 8-11 am at the DPW facility, 801 Ela Av. Johns Disposal will be on site to accept large items that cannot be place curbside for regular pick-up. This is for residential collection Read on...
  3. Waterford Lighting Project!

    The Village has been working with a team to bring an innovative, exciting lighting project to set Waterford apart as a 'WOW!' destination. Inspired by Tom Roanhouse, former Village President, Mo Zell, chair of the architecture department at UW-Milwaukee Read on...
  4. New Village Hall Hours

    The Village has had several transitions in staffing and now, technology. To accommodate the period of adjustment without burdening taxpayers with additional staffing, Village Hall will have new limited hours beginning Tuesday, May 15, 2018. Read on...
  5. Construction Begins - Be Mindful of Road Closed - Local Traffic Only Signage!

    Please be mindful of Road Closed signs! "Local traffic Only" refers to those drivers whose destination is located on the closed road. Business owners located on the closed street and their patrons are the "Local Traffic Only" drivers. Local traffic does Read on...
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Public Hearings  August 13, 6:30 pm
Ordinance 665 Adopting Vision Waterford 2018, Amending the Village of Waterford's 1998 and 2008 Master Plans," Adoption a Revised Land Use Map, and Incorporating the Changes in the Multi-Jurisdictional Comprehensive Plan for Racine County, Wisconsin
Ordinance 665
Waterford Comprehensive Plan
Comprehensive Plan Land Use Map 

Ordinance 658 Amending the Code of the Village of Waterford, Chapter 245, to Create Regulations for Zoning Permits, Land Use, Landscaping and Lighting, to Revise Permitted Uses, Conditional Uses, and Combine the Three Single-Family Districts into One, and the Three Two-Family Districts into One, to Rename Business and Industrial Districts, and to Rezone Land. 
Ordinance 658
Waterford Zoning Map Proposed
Zoning Table of Land Uses
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Outdoor Wisconsin Episode Features Waterford

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Construction Zone map
1st Street Construction is nearing completion. Work is beginning on S. River Street from Main to Washington. When 1st Street is completed, crews will move to West Main Street. Although this construction period is challenging, lets work together to see it to a successful, safe and speedy conclusion.
A reminder to all....our businesses are open and need your continued support during this project. Please visit often!

Coming UP!​

River Rhythms

Thursday,    6:30-9:00, Village Hall Park
August 16 - Steely Dan

Seeking Waterford Library Director

The Library is seeking a dynamic, energetic, and creative individual with strong dedication
to community and customer service  to
become our new Library Director.
To learn more, see our Employment Opportunities in the left panel on this page.

Roger Brooks Assessmen


If you missed the showing of the Waterford/Burlington Assessment, here is your chance to learn what this expert in tourism and destination marketing has to say about our potential! Thank you to Real Racine Convention & Visitors Bureau for bringing this opportunity.
Waterford/Burlington Assessment
It also helpful to watch Racine's presentation for more ideas.
City of Racine Assessment

Learn more about River Rhythms 2018!

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New Hours
Village Hall Counter Hours

Monday: 8 am - 6 pm
Tuesday-Thursday: 8 am - 5 pm
Friday: 8 am - 4 pm